Can headphones cause hair loss?

Can headphones cause hair loss?

Can headphones cause hair loss?

So, Can headphones cause hair loss? Let’s find out…

Hair loss is most commonly an issue that affects men. If it is hereditary or due to certain problematic hormonal changes, it might even be regarded as male pattern baldness. This is an irreversible issue and that’s why there is quite a bit of fear around headphones increasing chances of going bald! Hair loss also affects women but this is more likely to be a form of alopecia. Many people are quite familiar with the effects of alopecia, however, there is a direct issue that is caused by headphones!

Can headphones cause hair loss?

This particular condition of hair loss via headphones is called traction alopecia and as the name suggests, it is caused by increased traction or abrasion to your hair. It is caused because the hair experience a lot of friction and therefore can get pulled out straight from the roots.

Although we are discussing this solely with regards to headphone usage that is not the case for traction alopecia. It might be caused by anything that causes friction in the head such as tight hats, headbands, and even high ponytails.

This has a direct correlation with the number of hours or exposure of your headphones you’re your head. If the headphones are used for longer periods, it can lead to traction based alopecia. The important thing to consider here is that this is only going to happen if you wear the headphones that have a band. The kind that goes straight into your earbuds is not going to cause any pressure or friction.

If you are used to pulling or tugging at your headphones several times throughout the day whether to take them on and off or even to adjust them, this might cause more resistance and abrasion. It is also much more possible if your headphones are worn tighter.

Now that we know what the condition is and what might cause it, how does one prevent it from occurring?

For those who are more prone to hair loss due to hormonal or hereditary reasons, we suggest that they limit the time they spend wearing headphones especially tightly. However, if you are in a profession or a job that requires constant headphone use, this might be more difficult to enforce. So, what can one do to ensure that they do not suffer from headphone induced hair loss?

The first suggestion that we offer is that you invest in a pair of adjustable headphones. This will ensure that you are not limited in the way you wish to wear them on your head. You will be able to find the best fit for you and it will also deter any hair from getting pulled out at the roots.

This is a simple question of ergonomic design and comfortable features. You want to look for a headset that has been made with comfortable padding and the right amount of cushioning so that you will not feel inclined to keep adjusting them for comfort.

The other factor that you need to consider is support. The headphones must have an adequate amount of support and be fit well so that they are not stuck in your hair and are also not a material that might cause excessive friction. The best material for this will either be nylon or polyester since they are not prone to friction.

If your headphones are those that are lightweight and easy to wear, they will be more comfortable but they will also cause less friction. Again, you will feel less inclined to make any adjustments to your headset if it feels light and comfortable. Ultimately, it will be what works best for you when it comes to your comfort and this can be decided if you look over a few of the best and comfortable headphones available on the market.

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