Can headphones cause headaches?

Can headphones cause headaches?

Can headphones cause headaches?

Searching for the solution of Can headphones cause headaches? Let’s find out…

Headaches can be caused by different reasons. The symptoms of headaches are usually sharp or throbbing pains in various parts of the head. They can be caused by stress, by medical conditions, by excessive exertion on the body, and in this case to answer the question; can headphones cause headaches, the answer is yes! This is quite common especially if you are used to putting your headphones on for longer periods and if you always listen to music at the highest volume level.

Can headphones cause headaches?

The correct term for headphones causing headaches is called External compression headache and this can be essentially caused by any kind of headgear. This might include hats, helmets, safety goggles, headphones, and even hair accessories such as wigs and headbands. Of course, the issue arises when the constant pressure of these factors causes an unwanted force and this might cause headaches. While it is true that this is dangerous for all users, some people that have hearing issues or disabilities, or even infections might be more affected by constant headphone use.

For example, if you already suffer from migraines, you will notice that more use of headphones will also result in more headaches. Although headaches are not particularly dangerous on their own, they might be a symptom of something more insidious. They might be an indication that you have a serious infection or that you have a jaw issue. Scientifically speaking, the headache is caused or brought about because the pressure these headaches inflict causes the creation of a vacuum inside your ear and they then cause discomfort or nausea.

If your headache is indeed caused by wearing headphones for longer periods, then you will notice that when you take them off, the headache should go away after a while. We recommend taking some time off of the headphones and take paracetamol in case the feeling persists.

So, how does one stop these headphone induced headaches from occurring? Well, we have a few tips that might help you out quite a bit.

Get adjustable ones

Buying headphones that are marketed as being adjustable will mean that you will be more likely to wear them looser and take them off to talk to someone. Adjustable ones can also be adjusted in a way that they are not too closely packed against your ears and it will make the experience more comfortable as well.

Do not keep them on all-day

This is a no brainer because headaches are caused by force or pressure on the ears. So, therefore, to avoid this from happening simply take care not to keep your headphones on all day. Moderation is key even if most of your work is done with headphones on. Even keeping them balanced on your neck can prove to add to the overall strain and weight so when engaging in other activities such as eating or spending time with your family, take them off!

Limit the time you listen to music via headphones

This might be easier said than done but if you absolutely must listen to music, consider using other forms such as speakers or mp3 players instead of having the headphones on at all times. Limiting the time that you will listen to music via headphones can truly help reduce signs of headaches and discomfort.

Do not listen at very high volume

This is another important consideration to pay heed to. You mustn’t listen to your music at a very high level of volume. To avoid this, invest in noise-canceling headphones because they will ensure that you do not feel the need to turn the volume up in the first place.

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